Filming a training video


Making training REEL!


Interactive experiences have always led the way for people to engage with their audiences. Here at Flix REELS we are passionate about making the use of virtual reality (VR) for training a reality in health care and public sector services.

Flix REELS is part of Flix Films Ltd. Flix Films have over 10 years of experience making information giving and dramatic films and training content in the healthcare and public service sectors, and continue to do so. Flix REELS has been developed due to our belief that the use of VR can revolutionise training, making it accessible, efficient, and most importantly effective and enjoyable.

As visual media progresses into the Virtual Reality (VR) arena, Flix are embracing the medium, allowing you and your organisation to take full advantage of this advance in technology and produce interactive experiences second to none.

We know that to make great training content we have to work closely with you and your staff. Flix REELS commits time and energy to really understand your needs, and will work with your staff, service users, and hand picked experienced actors to ensure your REELS are the most realistic they can be. We are also involved in research into how Virtual Reality may bring about benefits in the field of  VR health care and medical treatment. We are engaged in ethically approved study (St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) in partnership with Royal Trinity Hospice; our common aim is to allow us to understand how VR can impact health outcomes, and create targeted VR material that will not only benefit the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our society, but will also allow for a better and more real experience when training those who care for and work with such people.

Our passion drives us to create Virtual Reality content that makes a difference.