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Language: English
360 video - Duration - 4 Minute 30 Seconds
Study Level: Intermediate


In this experience the viewer is in the role of the healthcare professional.

This scenario places the healthcare professional beside the bed of an end of life care patient who is struggling emotionally with her deteriorating condition.

Having described the changes in her condition and care needs she asks if you can help her die.

This scenario can be used to support learning and reflection about being alongside a patient facing death, distress when experiencing a loss of independence, and requests for assisted dying. It offers the opportunity to reflect on the ethical and legal perspectives of caring for the dying, and how to interact with someone facing their own mortality and the downward trajectory in physical ability.

Potential learning / discussion points

  • How does this situation make you feel?
  • What anxieties did you feel the patient was expressing?
  • What might you have said about the physical deterioration and increased need for care?
  • What might you have said about the assisted dying request?
  • What actions do you think you might take because of this conversation?

“Royal Trinity Hospice is extremely proud to have worked with Flix Films on this ground breaking training material”.

Dallas Pounds – Chief Executive Officer – Royal Trinity Hospice


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